The story of Pivac Brothers Meat Industry began long ago, in 1952, in a small town of Vrgorac, situated in Dalmatinska zagora. We started as a small, family craft based on the tradition of processing and drying meat, while keeping our traditional recipes and making use of new technologies, and over the years we’ve developed into one of the leading meat industries in Croatia. Today, Pivac brand leads the Croatian market in the production of prosciutto (pršut), with more than 150,000 pieces produced on a yearly basis, and

is a synonym for exceptional cured meat delicacies - Dalmatian prosciutto (Dalmatinski pršut) with the EU Protected Geographical Indication, Dalmatian pancetta (Dalmatinska panceta), Dalmatian smoked pork loin (Dalmatinska pečenica), Cured neck meat (Kraški vrat) and many other ones as well. We take great pride in the fact that we have more than 250 retail stores all over Croatia.


Besides Pivac Brothers Meat Industry (Mesna industrija Braća Pivac), the Pivac Group encompasses two other meat industry companiesPPK Karlovac Meat Industry (PPK karlovačka mesna industrija) and Vajda Meat Industry (Mesna industrija Vajda). Having over 2000 employees makes us one of the largest and most respectable meat industries in this part of Europe. We implement state of the art production technologies for the production of fresh meat and products from it, while also being leaders in the implementation of modern technical solutions and information and communication technologies in the business operation of our companies and butcher’s shops.

Grupa Pivac